Which teams are the best in the NFC South?

In an effort to make the NFC East and NFC West look like the other side of the coin, the NFL has come up with an award for the best and worst teams in the conference.

Here are the rankings: NFC East NFC West 1.

New York Giants 2.

Dallas Cowboys 3.

Philadelphia Eagles 4.

Washington Redskins 5.

San Francisco 49ers The Giants are not the worst team in the division, but they’re not the best either.

They’re ranked No. 1, but that ranking is based on their first-place finish in the first week of the season.

In their two losses, they allowed a combined six sacks, seven quarterback hits and 20 quarterback hurries, all of which were sacks.

The Cowboys are the second-best team in this division.

They allowed the fewest sacks and quarterback hits, and were also third in quarterback hurrying.

They won the division in Week 1 and played at a higher level in the second half of the regular season.

That’s probably why they’ve only allowed a quarterback hit once all season.

The Eagles are also not the second worst team, but their first win came in Week 3.

They were third in sacks and fourth in quarterback hits.

They have been ranked No, 1 and No. 2 in this and all of the other divisions in this award since the league’s inception in 1998.

The Redskins are the worst.

They’ve allowed the most sacks and quarterbacks hits and the most interceptions in the league.

They rank No. 12 and No, 3 in the others.

Injuries have cost the Redskins their first two games this season.

Their best win came against the Panthers in Week 5.

The Giants and Cowboys are tied for No. 3 in points allowed per game, and the Eagles are No. 4 in points per game.

The 49ers are the only team in both the AFC East and the NFC West that doesn’t have a winning record in any of the divisions.

The division winner will be awarded the NFC Coach of the Year award.

NFC West NFC West 2.

Philadelphia Falcons 3.

Kansas City Chiefs 4.

New Orleans Saints 5.

Arizona Cardinals The Chiefs are a perennial contender.

They are No, 2 in points and No., 8 in points scored per game this season, but have beaten teams like the Steelers and Saints in their last two games.

The Falcons have the worst record in the West, and they’ve played at an average level all season despite missing quarterback Matt Ryan for a month with a shoulder injury.

The Chiefs haven’t played well since Matt Schaub came back from a torn ACL, but the Rams and Seahawks are the other teams that have the best records in this conference.

The Saints have allowed the second fewest points and quarterback sacks per game in the entire league, and are No., 9 in scoring defense.

The Rams are No: 2 in the AFC South and No: 3 in NFC South.

The Raiders and Saints are tied in the top two spots in the NFL.

The Cardinals are No.: 4 in the Super Bowl era.

NFC East AFC East 1.

Indianapolis Colts 2.

Green Bay Packers 3.

St. Louis Rams 4.

Baltimore Ravens The Colts are the NFC’s best team.

They play at an above-average level all year.

The only teams with worse records in the East are the Cowboys and Eagles.

The Packers have won five straight games in the series, and have a chance to win their fifth straight in the playoffs.

St, Louis is No. 5 in the standings, while the Rams are tied with the 49ers for the worst mark in the game.

They haven’t won in Indianapolis since 1999.

The Ravens are No.#3 in the playoff standings.

The Panthers are No:#4 in the overall standings.

NFC South NFC South 1.

Carolina Panthers 2.

Miami Dolphins 3.

Atlanta Falcons 4.

Houston Texans The Dolphins are the most dominant team in football.

They win the NFC North and NFC South by at least 10 points per contest.

The best record in this region is the Panthers’ No. 7 mark.

The Texans are No..

5 in this list.

The Jaguars are No#4.

The Steelers and Falcons are tied.

The Patriots and Cardinals are tied at No.#7.

The Browns are No #6.

The Titans are No and No.#8.

The Buccaneers are No No.#10.

NFC North NFC North 1.

Green Beret 2.

Tennessee Titans 3.

Cleveland Browns 4.

Chicago Bears The Titans play a more physical style of football than the Browns, who play a lot of coverages.

But the Titans have the No.1 pass rush in the National Football League.

The Bears are No 1 in the pass rush category.

The Bengals are No 2 in rushing.

The Colts were No. 6 in rushing in this year’s playoffs.

The Seahawks are No 7 in rushing this season and No#10 in the postseason.


Kansas State Wildcats 2.

Texas A&M Aggies 3.

Texas Longh

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