Hunter Mountain, lion attack victims speak out as they are left to cope with mental illness

A group of hunter mountain lion victims have been left to fend for themselves as they struggle to come to terms with their mental illness.

A number of them have been in hospital, with one of the survivors telling The Huffington Post UK, “We’re in hospital for the first time in our lives.

We’re going through a lot of different things and we’re not sure if we can cope with it.”

The survivors, including one woman, have been able to access the internet but are not allowed to use social media or contact their family or friends due to a lack of funds.

The women are currently living in isolation at a hotel but will be returning to the hotel to meet their family for the holidays.

They said the experience has been tough but they are not worried about getting better.

“We can’t think of anything we’re going to do to stop it, we just have to live with it,” said one survivor.

“It’s a big thing that you can’t do about it, but it’s a life-changing thing.

We don’t want to live like this.”

The women said they have been told by hospital staff that the victims are receiving counselling but are unable to access any help due to the nature of the illness.

“We were in hospital as a result of a bite,” said the woman.

“The nurse had to call us and tell us that we needed to go and see a doctor.

It’s a bit scary and you’re not going to get any help for it.”

When asked why they were being treated like this, the women said, “Because of the health of our families.”

One of the women, who is still receiving treatment at the same hospital, told HuffPost UK she is now in the “state of shock” after the attack.

“When you’re in a mental hospital, you’re very alone and vulnerable.

I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

I don’t know how to make friends,” she said.”

I’ve had the feeling of someone watching me all the time and it’s very frightening.”

It’s not easy to tell people what’s happening.

It feels like they’re watching me, they’re looking at me, but they don’t really know.””

I feel really helpless and scared.

“The woman said she has no idea how she will deal with the future but she said, she has had some success in coping with her illness.

She said she had not been able, or able to, communicate with her family about the attack because they were too afraid to come out to see her.”

There’s not much I can say.

I’ve tried talking to my mum and dad but they’re just really scared and don’t talk to me,” she told HuffPost.”

They don’t think I’m capable of being a role model.

“She added: “I feel like I have no one.

It is a very difficult situation.

“The two women said that while they were able to take some comfort in the fact that their family members and friends have been “good and supportive”, they have lost a lot to the attack, which has also left them in isolation.”

If I go back to the park, I won’t have anyone to go out with,” said this woman.”

And if I’m in a park, you can imagine the number of people that are there.

“The victim of the attack was able to go to the hospital and get help but the women are not sure what to do when they return to the forest.”

This is the first I’ve been in this kind of hospital and I’ve had a lot more experience than most of us,” said another woman.

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