How to build an ultra-slim, super-high-resolution camera for a smartwatch

What happens when you combine two of the most promising technologies to make a super-sophisticated camera for the smartwatch?

This is the story of a team of researchers and engineers at the University of Texas at Austin and Harvard University who have created a tiny, ultra-high resolution camera with a tiny processor, a small battery, and a large sensor that can be mounted on the wrist.

They have developed a new sensor that could be embedded in a watch to track movement in real time, as well as a new processor that can handle large-scale motion capture and analysis.

And they’ve created a smart wearable that can make use of the sensor to capture video and other content from an area where it can’t be seen, such as inside an elevator.

It’s the work of the team led by Dr. Matthew M. Poyntz, an associate professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

In addition to Poynn, the team includes former UT Austin graduate students David C. Peebles and Matthew D. Withers.

Poyerns research focuses on ultra-wide-angle sensors that can focus on large areas, such a car, skyscraper, or airport.

For the new camera, the researchers designed a sensor that takes a single pixel from a pixel on the side of a flat surface and projects that pixel onto a flat substrate.

That substrate is then scanned with a camera that can measure and track the resolution of the image.

The researchers then apply software to combine the two images, converting each pixel into a 1-megapixel, 1-meter pixel.

The resulting image is then used to create a 1,000-pixel image that is then captured with a smartphone camera.

A 1-kilo-pixel-wide image that can take up less space than the average smartphone camera can capture is enough to take a full-resolution video.

The sensor itself weighs only 0.1 grams and weighs only about 1.2 grams, which is about a quarter the size of a smartphone sensor.

It has an ultrahigh resolution of about one million pixels.

It can be placed on the face of the watch and can be powered by the phone.

Piven says the researchers will also be able to integrate the new sensor into smartwatches as part of the smart band.

“We believe the design of the wearable is quite unique, and we hope to use the data from the sensors to improve the design and enhance the functionality of the wristband,” Poyer says.

“I’m also very excited about the potential of the sensors and their application in wearable computing, especially as we move into the smart phone age.”

Poyer said that the team has already begun developing a version of the camera that will be used in smartwatch-related applications, such at night.

The team is also working on a wearable that would be able a monitor data to determine the battery level of a watch.

In a future wearable that could collect and analyze this information, Poyer believes the data could be used to predict what is happening in the environment around the wearer, such that an alert could be issued to the wearer’s watch.

The research team says it will continue to develop and refine their camera and sensors.

For more information about the research, visit the UT Austin website.

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