Which cities in Quebec should be evacuated?

Quebec City, Québec City, Montréal and Montreal all have temperatures in the high 90s.

But they are in a region where extreme weather has been reported and a number of deaths have occurred.

A new study from researchers at McGill University suggests that residents in Quebec City should evacuate their homes.

“This is one of the most extreme weather events that has ever occurred in the province of Quebec, with high temperature, humidity and winds of 100 kilometres per hour,” lead researcher Dr. Eric Tingleton told CBC News.

“It’s been called the most destructive event that has happened in the country.”

The people of the province have been dealing with this for the past six years.

They’re living through the aftermath of these very intense and dangerous events.””

It can be very hard to evacuate when the wind is blowing at 100 kilometres an hour, when the air is thick with pollution and people are getting very hot, and the temperature is getting extremely high,” Tington said.

Tington and his team were surprised to find that Quebec City had the lowest average temperature in the region, with a high of 87 degrees.

The researchers compared the average temperature of Quebec City to the average for all of the other major Canadian cities in terms of temperature.

The average was 89.9 degrees.

Quebec City also has the highest rate of reported air pollution, with an average of 12.3 micrograms per cubic metre of air per day.

It has a population of nearly 5 million, and is the capital of Canada’s largest province.

The average temperature is also in the middle of the pack, with the highest temperature in Toronto at 87.9°C, followed by Montreal at 86.7°C.”

Quebec is in a climate zone where we’re seeing the impacts of the severe weather that has been occurring,” Tinkleton said.”

We’re also seeing the effects of climate change, as it’s very difficult to get people to the city in the winter.

“So people are not going to be able to come to the streets and the schools are going to close, the hospitals are going out of business, and that’s going to have a major impact on the quality of life.”

The team says that climate change will likely exacerbate the situation.

“If you take a look at what’s happened in Quebec, it’s not going in the right direction, which is not to say that the climate is not changing,” Tingleton said, “but the weather is changing.”

Tingleton and his colleagues also suggest that people should prepare for higher temperatures and higher humidity in the future.

“I think we need to be prepared for the next three years,” he said.

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