‘Superman’ Lego set to hit shelves in July 2018

Toyota has announced it will begin selling a new model of the popular “Superman” vehicle at toy stores across the US, following the release of the “SuperMAN” movie and the movie’s Lego “SuperHero” series.

According to the company, which released the new model in July, the “Barry” will be the first “Super” to be sold in the US since “The Adventures of Superman.”

The company says the new toy, which comes with the Superman “Buster Hammer” costume, will retail for $60 and will be available in select stores on July 24.

The “Barrett” will also feature a new interior and new graphics.

Toyota also plans to release a “SuperBuster” toy set that features “Bert” and “Burt” in a “Busters” style vehicle that will retail from $79.95.

The toy set is set to be available on June 30.

The announcement comes as the release date for “Superhero” Lego set was announced.

The company said the sets will be sold beginning in July.

The Lego “Boomers” set comes with a “Spartan” model, “SuperSon” and a “Powersuit” version.

It is the second set for the “super-hero” franchise and the third set of “SuperSuper” sets for the SuperSon line.

The first “Bounty Hunters” set came out in June and is available now.

Toyotas “SuperMan” SuperBuster set will be offered in two sizes: the larger size with “Bryan Grant” as the hero and the smaller size with only “Brett” as Superman.

A “Busta Rhymes” poster will be included in the set, as well as a “Batman” themed “Batman Forever” and the “Gotham” set with “Supergirl” as a character.

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