What to do when you have the flu

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The weather is a little bit different in the Midwest, but still not too bad.

The Midwest is not one of the states with the most sunny days or the most snowfall, but it’s a great place to have a cold beverage or a bite to eat if you’re feeling like you need a boost.

The cold weather also means there are fewer trees to burn in the fall, and it’s not the hottest month in the year, which is nice for some people who want to spend some quality time outside in the cold.

You may not need to wear a jacket to walk the dog, but if you need to, there’s something to keep in mind: if you have a dog, wear a coat.

If you’re planning on going out for a walk on a hot day, wear some layers.

You can walk around with nothing but your feet, and you’ll get your legs and your feet to work better together.

The wind is a bit more of a problem this time of year.

While you can walk and run through the winter without too much trouble, there are times when the wind can be a little too much.

If you have to wear layers, you might want to try a windbreaker instead.

The colder months of fall are also a good time to wear sweaters or a hat, especially if you are working outdoors.

It can get quite cold in those areas, so it’s important to stay warm.

The only thing that will help keep you warm is a good supply of warm, dry clothes.

You may be tempted to just pull out your winter gear and go to the beach or the park, but don’t.

This will only make you cold and windy.

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