Burmese Mountain Dog ‘caught on camera’ being fed in Thailand

A dog in Thailand is now being given a new nickname: the “mountain top dog”.

Burmese-owned Thai-owned Petteri Petterius and his wife have two children, but now the dog, nicknamed the “mountain top dog” for its size, is being fed at a petting zoo in Bangkok.

The dog, named Mee, is part of a herd of two to three mountain dogs that are part of the “Mountain Top Dog Society” in Thailand, the Petterii said in a statement on Facebook.

The petting club is based at a zoo in Pattaya, about 130km (75 miles) from Bangkok.

Its members are members of the mountain dog group.

“It is really a good thing for our animals.

We get to meet some great animals and feed them,” Mee’s owner, Nana Kaya, told the Associated Press news agency.”

When we first saw this mountain dog, we were surprised that it was alive, but it is a normal breed of dog and we have never had a problem with it,” she said.”

The animals in this group have never been sick or injured and have always been healthy.”

The dog has been fed for more than four weeks at the petting park in the southern city of Pattaya.

Petteri, who has worked for the group since 2004, said he is not happy with the new name.

“This dog is really cute and he is really sweet and very sweet.

He is a good friend and he does not make a lot of noise, but sometimes he will start barking or barking too loudly,” he said.

Mee was born with a broken jaw and other injuries.

His owners have since adopted him, and he now enjoys playing with other dogs.

The Petterivics have also posted pictures of Mee and posted messages on their Facebook page in support of him.

“We love him and would like to give him a proper name, but unfortunately it has to be Mee.

It has been difficult to change this name because of his injuries,” the Petters said.

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