How a deadly Colorado mountain became a murder capital

A mountain in Colorado that has been used for years as a crime scene, including to hold the remains of the victims of the Aurora theater shooting, has been named the murder capital of the United States.

“We call this capital murder mountain, because it is a very cold, very dark place where the people who have been murdered there have been, have been buried,” said U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in a news conference on Friday.

The name is also the title of a 2014 book, The Killer Mountain, written by former U.N. special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, Marie-Pierre Pouget.

She died in 2016.

The book describes a place called the Mountain of Sacrifice in which hundreds of bodies were stacked atop a mountain in the middle of the desert and dumped on a hillside.

The book also describes how one of the bodies was found in a shallow grave in the center of the mountain, where it had been hidden in the snow for days.

A few days after that, a small white SUV drove by in front of the cemetery.

Its driver said it belonged to a family of the victim, who had gone missing months before, the book says.

The SUV then sped off, leaving the victims’ bodies on the mountain.

Sessions says the murders of the two women at the Mountain were part of a much larger conspiracy involving two other young men, a woman in her early 20s, and a young man who was also in her 20s.

He was killed in the desert.

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