Women’s Mountain Bike and Women’s Bike Co-Op in Whitefish, MT

Posted by Crypto Coins on June 19, 2018 09:33:48 The Whitefish Mountain Bike Co. and the Women’s Bicycle Co-op are pleased to announce that they have partnered to open their first co-op bike shop, located at Whitefish Resort.

The new shop will offer both women’s and men’s mountain bikes and equipment, including custom bikes and other equipment to all riders.

The co-ops first coop shop will be in Whitefishes town hall, located on the northeast corner of Highway 101 and South Main Street in WhiteFishes town and country.

The women’s bike shop will also offer an extensive selection of equipment, from bike parts to helmets, and a wide range of apparel, including hats, shirts, shorts, gloves, and pants.

The shop will have a variety of bikes, from mountain bikes to touring bikes, and will also be able to sell bikes and parts to its customers.

Women’s bike sales are currently limited to the town of Whitefish.

Whitefishing has a high percentage of women and ethnic minorities who commute to work, and are also vulnerable to being victims of crimes.

In addition, the town has an unemployment rate of around 10 percent, making it an especially attractive market for women to shop.

The Whitefishers Mountain Bike Cooperative and Women Bicycle Coop are excited to be partners in creating a unique, locally owned co-operative and community.

In 2017, the Mountain Bike co-operatives of the Mountain County Chamber of Commerce and the Mountain Area Council of Governments sponsored the Whitefish Bike Co.-Op’s second annual Bike Fest.

The 2017 Bike Fest was an event featuring more than 50 bike manufacturers and companies.

The event also included a bike show and a free community event, as well as a number of other community programs and opportunities for all the community to enjoy.

The Women’s Co-Operative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and operates in partnership with the Whitefished Mountain Bike Association.

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