‘I can’t tell you how good I feel’: Son’s parents react to son’s death in Utah

The family of a Utah boy who died of complications from a drug overdose in his care has blamed a lack of treatment for the death.

The Associated Press on Thursday reported that 11-year-old Michael Jordan Jr. of Logan was found unconscious Saturday night at the University of Utah Medical Center.

Jordan’s family has said he was found unresponsive in a room after he was overdosed on methadone.

They say his family was not notified until Saturday.

They have also said they did not know that Jordan had been hospitalized for a while.

Jordan had a history of substance abuse, including multiple arrests for possession of marijuana and possession of heroin.

His mother, Mary Jordan, told the AP on Thursday that her son had been in and out of psychiatric treatment.

She told the news agency that Jordan was taken off methadones and was hospitalized for more than a week.

Jordan was placed on life support at the hospital Sunday, but was revived and taken off the life support again Saturday.

The family said he suffered a heart attack on Saturday night.

Jordan has been at the center of the national controversy over the treatment of children who die in the custody of parents.

Jordan’s mother told the News Tribune in Salt Lake City that the boy’s family had asked her to contact the family of another Utah boy, but she did not receive a reply.

The boy’s father, Michael Jordan, is an NBA All-Star and is a former Utah Jazz player.

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