Sugarloaf Mountain, Smoky Mountain cabins in Northern California open for business as ‘winter food camp’ for ‘winter’ guests

The Sugarloaff Mountain Resort & Spa in Northern Calif.

is open to the public for the first time this winter and it is calling it a ‘winter holiday’ camp.

The resort announced the new plans on its website on Monday, stating that its winter holiday food camp will feature seasonal food from its seasonal menu.

In addition to the winter holiday menu, the resort is adding in seasonal activities including hiking, ice skating, picnicking, cooking demonstrations and crafts.

A special dining area and a small cabins will be added to the resort.

The food camp is set to open Jan. 28.

The Snow Mountain Inn & Suites in San Francisco is also offering its guests the option to stay at Sugarlof Mountain.

The inn also announced the return of the winter event that had been going on for three months.

According to Snow Mountain, the hotel’s event is now open and the hotel is looking forward to seeing everyone this season.

“We’re really excited to be welcoming Sugarloff Mountain guests to the resorts holiday camp this winter.

Snow Mountain has a fantastic breakfast menu, with a variety of delicious options to suit all tastes and preferences,” Snow Mountain wrote in a Facebook post.

Snow Mountain is offering an array of seasonal foods to guests who have booked in-room meals.

The restaurant is hosting a family-friendly event on Jan. 31 and it will offer the same breakfast menu for the resort guests as it does for the general public.

Snow is offering a seasonal breakfast menu to Sugarlofs guests this winter for the winter and is offering it for $35 per person.

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