The world’s biggest stone mountain: Stone Mountain in Peru

A stone mountain in Peru is one of the most remote and dangerous locations on earth.

The mountainside town of La Paz is surrounded by high, steep, rocky mountains, and the town is just 15km away from the nearest major highway.

But there’s something even stranger about the landscape: stone.

Stone Mountain in La Parga, Peru.

One of the world’s highest stone mountains in Peru.

It is one day in June, and there is still no sign of a person on the mountain, as yet.

It’s been here since 2002, when a stone statue of Jesus was carved by locals.

Since then, hundreds of stone statues have been found on the mountainside.

But despite the constant threat, the people of La Potaz continue to fight for the existence of their stone.

On a hot summer day, a small group of stone worshippers set out to carve a small statue of the Virgin Mary on a hillside overlooking the river.

They were joined by a few others.

The people of the town, who speak little English, are a mix of young and old, from a local tribe and a group of migrants.

They are members of the Amasas de Tzacapa, or Indigenous people, who are the only indigenous group in the area.

La Pargas is a predominantly indigenous community, with an estimated 300 to 400 members.

It is home to a number of small farming communities, which are the backbone of the community.

Some of the locals are also farmers, and in the last two years, they have been able to grow enough food to provide for their families.

For years, the community has been in a state of civil war.

In 2014, President Ollanta Humala announced that the government was going to demolish the town and relocate its residents to the nearby village of Pachuca.

In 2015, Humala also said that the Amashas would not be relocated.

The Amashos, who were already facing eviction from the area, feared that the new authorities would try to forcibly take them from their land.

The Amashans and their supporters have continued to protest the demolition of their homes and villages.

In 2015, thousands of Amasha members and supporters took part in a massive rally to defend the community, and many of them wore masks and carrying shields to protect themselves.

This year, a group known as the Amastas de la Pargaz, or “people of the stone”, have been leading the protests.

Their main demand is that the authorities allow the Amástas to continue living in their homes.

“We want to see the Amaas, our community, remain here.

We don’t want to be displaced,” said Amáshas leader Andres de la Cruz.

He says he is ready to defend his community, which he believes is the only remaining indigenous people in Peru, by any means necessary.

“We are not leaving.

We are living here.

They want to take us away,” he told Al Jazeera.

A map showing the locations of the villages and towns that are home to the Amásas de Pargá.

In the past year, the Amasmas have started a campaign to get the government to grant the Amazas the right to live and work as the locals want.

The activists are not allowed to work in agriculture, or do other kinds of work that are usually carried out by the Amãas. 

They are also forbidden from selling or giving away their land to anyone. 

Amásas also have to pay the Amaseas their taxes.

The government says that it has to comply with the Amamas’ demand for the right of return.

But the Amayas are not going to give up.

Their campaign is not over.

The next day, the activists plan to return to the village and take part in another protest, in order to demand that the local government give the Amawas the same rights as the local people.

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