Why was South Mountain Creamery not awarded a place in the 2018-2019 season?

A South Mountain creamery in the town of Graz has been placed in the Championship, despite winning the best in class category for 2017-2018 season.

The award was handed out to the shop in February by the South Mountain Cup, a competition run by the English Football Association, which was launched in 2017.

The creamery was also awarded the best of breed title for 2017, which it won in a field of 27 creamery shops.

But in January 2018, the competition announced that the shop would not be receiving the award, and instead the competition committee decided to award the award to South Mountain Brewery.

The shop was only recognised with the award for its outstanding performance in 2017, when it won the best creamery award in the category, which included the top five creamerys in the country.

South Mountain Creameries owner Mike Graz was one of four winners of the award.

He said the decision to award it to the store was “just a mistake” by the committee.

“They don’t have to make it for us,” he said.

“We won a lot of awards, but we didn’t get one.

I don’t know why.”

In February, Graz received an email from South Mountain Breweries, telling him the shop had been placed into the Championship for “good reason”.

The email, signed by the chair of the competition, said the shop was “placed into the 2018/19 Championship for the best milkery in South Wales”.

“Congratulations to South Mountains Creamery, who won the Best Milkery in Wales for 2017/18 and have been awarded the 2018 South Mountain Milkery Award.”

It was not clear from the email whether the creamery had won the award before or after the letter was sent, and if it had won it in the past.

Graz said he had contacted South Mountain to say he would take his complaint to the competition.

“It was a bit of a shock,” he told The Argus.

“I said, ‘What is the difference between South Mountain and South Mountain, and is this a good thing?

I don and I don´t understand why the decision has been made to place me into the championship.'”

The creameries owners said they had been given the information by South Mountain’s head of sales, but had no idea that South Mountain had won a medal in the award until they received the letter from the chair.

“The chair had been a bit flabbergasted,” Graz said.

“They were quite shocked, they said they would have to look into it, but they were not sure they would win a medal.”

What they did say was, ‘South Mountain won a national medal, they are going to give you a medal’.

I thought it was a joke.

“Graz and his wife, Rachel, have been dairy farmers for 25 years and have three sons, one of whom was born at the shop.”

He said he was surprised by the decision, and the fact that the creameries didn’t win the award earlier had not affected their business.””

We thought, ‘We can do that here, and it’s not expensive’.”

He said he was surprised by the decision, and the fact that the creameries didn’t win the award earlier had not affected their business.

“As far as I’m concerned, they have won the awards, we’ve won the milkery award, so it was just a little bit of an issue,” he explained.

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