How the blue mountain resort survived the black mountain crisis

The Blue Mountain Resort in Black Canyon National Park in Utah has been a symbol of the black-clad, red-clad mountain for generations. 

But the resort has become increasingly isolated from its community and its surrounding towns as a result of the Black Mountain Fire, and it is about to undergo an emergency closure. 

“We are losing everything,” the resort’s president told NBC News. 

The resort’s website says the resort was built in 1905, and that it was founded by the U.S. military. 

It also has a Facebook page, which has nearly 50,000 likes. 

One of the main reasons for the closure is that the fire has grown from a single wildfire to an ongoing wildfire, said the resort. 

For months, Black Mountain’s population has been struggling to get by as the fire burned, with residents fleeing to other parts of the state. 

On Friday, a federal judge ruled that the evacuation orders should be lifted for the entire resort, as the resort can continue operating and that the only residents left are those who have registered with the federal government. 

 “It’s been very difficult to make that decision,” said the owner of the resort, David B. Rodd, who said he hopes to reopen on Saturday. 

After the closure, the resort will remain closed until at least Tuesday, and then reopen for a few days of business. 

At a news conference on Friday, Rodd said that the resort could reopen for the weekend, but that the first day would be crucial. 

Brent Hensley, a senior adviser to the White House, told reporters that President Donald Trump would be staying in Utah for a short period of time, and would be visiting the resort for a meeting. 

Trump will also be in Arizona, where the fire is burning in the desert, and the president will meet with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who has declared a state of emergency in the region. 

Ducey said the governor is planning to ask for federal help to rebuild communities in the fire-ravaged area. 

Some of the residents who were evacuated were planning to stay home on Sunday, but Hensleys hopes that will change.

“I am optimistic that we will be able to reopen the entire Black Mountain Resort this weekend,” he said. 

As of Friday afternoon, there were more than 8,500 residents of Black Mountain and its neighboring towns in the evacuation zone, according to a government tally. 

More than 2,600 homes and businesses in the community of Red Canyon are also being evacuated. 

All of Black Canyon is located in Utah, and its residents have been in contact with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

Local officials have asked the community to stay out of the evacuation areas. 

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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