The most dangerous mountain-high outfitters in Canada?

With their snowmobiles, skis, kayaks and other equipment, mountain high outfits are everywhere in Canada.

And while the outfits are certainly not the norm, they are the biggest in Canada with a total of almost 5,000 employees.

They make a significant contribution to the survival of mountain high athletes, mountain climbers and hikers.

And they are also the ones who get paid the most in Canada, according to the National Union of Public Employees.

The Union of Mounted Police, however, is calling for more regulation and training.

The union says the current training requirements and policies have been largely ineffective.

In a report released last month, it estimated that there are about 2,000 mountain high trainers in Canada and that they are often paid about $100,000 a year, with a significant chunk of that amount coming from salaries paid to employees who have earned a certification as a mountaineer.

Mounties say they are looking at a plan to introduce a new system to allow them to train the public without fear of being fired.

They want to allow the public to train as much as they want, but not to be punished for training in a way that puts their safety at risk.

That includes the training of people who are not certified as a mountain high, the union said.

“We believe that the public can have access to training at all levels, and that there should be more regulation to ensure that training is safe and is not subject to punitive actions,” said Mark Gervais, president of the union.

“If a person wants to get a permit to go up Mount Everest, they have to go through the same training that everybody else is having to do to get there.”

He added that it was “not acceptable” for mountaineers to be fired for simply wanting to get up Mount Eire and get their training done.

While the union is calling on the federal government to regulate mountain high training, the RCMP says it has been working to protect its members and to protect them from liability.

“Mountie safety is paramount,” said spokesperson Cpl.

Dave Bresson.

“Our job is to protect our fellow Mounties, both at home and abroad, and to keep them safe, including through their safety equipment.

We have a duty to protect the public and to provide the safest possible environment for Mounties and their equipment.”

Follow the latest Mounties in action on the CBC

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