Mount Everest climbers have no regrets about getting lost

The climbing gods are back and they’re on the move again, climbing the highest peak on Earth.

A group of four climbers from the US have been stuck on Mount Everest for almost three weeks and it’s getting tougher and harder to get back.

The trek, dubbed the Mount Everest Expedition, started on Monday and is now being led by climbers from India.

The expedition has been the subject of international media coverage for the past two weeks as they have tried to get to Nepal safely.

They are not alone.

The five climbers are being assisted by three Nepalese Sherpas, three Indian Sherpas and a Nepali guide from the UK.

The climbers have been searching for their way back to Kathmandu after three days in a tent, a snowshoe, on snow, on ice and snowshoes.

“I think we all have a sense of responsibility to the mountains, so it’s definitely our job to get this thing back safely,” Sherpa Shubhendu Khalsa told AFP news agency.

“If we don’t do it in the right way, then the mountains will not be safe for us and we won’t be able to go back,” he said.

“We have to be patient.

There’s no time to lose.”

Khalsa said the group had not planned to climb any of the 14,700 metres of the mountain before it collapsed on Monday.

“We don’t have a plan, we don ‘t have any goals, we just have to go and get it,” he told AFP.

Khala said the team had been waiting for three weeks for the weather to improve, so the weather on Mount Pumice would be better.

However, the weather was expected to be worse in the next 24 hours.

The climbers are also planning to go for a three-day hike to Everest base camp on the mountain.

They have also been in communication with Nepal government and the Sherpas who have helped them on the trek.

A guide from India was also sent to Kathinya for the expedition.

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