Eagle Mountain Lake is home to a bird’s nest

A new eagle nest has been found at Eagle Mountain in a remote part of Australia.

Key points:The nest is on the south side of the mountain where it was previously unknown to be a nest of the desert vole, known to live in rocky cliffsSource:ABC News (AAP)The Eagle Mountain Mountain Mountain Lodge in Mount Cook has been set up in anticipation of a spring nesting season for the birds in the area.

“The Eagle Mt Lodge is an outdoor shelter that has been built by the Eagle Mountain Wilderness Alliance,” the lodge’s chief executive, Mark Hutton, said.

“This nest was found on the north side of Eagle Mountain on the Eagle Mt slope in a very dry season.”

The eagle nest was discovered by a member of the public on Wednesday morning, which is when the group was informed of the discovery, Mr Hutton said.

Mr Hutton had been preparing for the spring nesting period in the lodge and the group had planned to build the nest, which he said was built on an existing site.

The eagle’s nest is located on the east side of a rocky cliff, which was previously discovered to be used by the vole.

“We found a nest which was so far away that we couldn’t even get a photograph,” Mr Huddleston said.

He said there were three small birds in it and he was hoping to photograph the nest with his smartphone camera.

“You don’t want to get too close, as it could cause it to fall apart, and it could break,” he said.

It was also discovered that the voles’ nest was in a high point, which would normally be used for roosting.

Mr Dyson said he was pleased the eagle nest had been found and hoped the volicers could continue their eagle nest search in the next couple of days.

“I think we are looking forward to getting in there and trying to find it and hopefully we will be able to do that this weekend,” he told the ABC.

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