How to Make a Rainbow Mountain Bike in 30 Days

We’re starting off this month with an article about how to make a rainbow mountain bike in 30 days.

It’s the first article in a series called “30 Days to Build a Rainbow Bike” which we’ve been writing about how we build our bikes in a variety of ways.

Today we’re going to talk about a bike that’s already been designed by an American, which is also an American.

This bike, called the Thunderbird, is a custom bicycle built for the American mountain bike community.

The bike is called a Thunderbird because of the color of its aluminum frame and wheels.

It has a large front tire and a wide, tapered rear wheel, giving it the appearance of a traditional, full-suspension mountain bike.

The Thunderbird is built by Mike and Kelly Crippen, owners of the Crippens Custom Bicycles.

They are based in the small town of Rocky Mountain, Colorado, near Boulder, Colorado.

They started the Thunderbirds mountain bike company in 2006.

It was a hobby project, and they were really into the bike, so the idea of making a mountain bike and making it affordable to the mountain bikers was a natural progression.

They chose to build a bike with their own custom parts, which includes the frame, hubs, brakes, wheels, and tires.

The design of the ThunderBird is based on the designs of the local mountain bike shops.

The Cripps Custom Bikes shop in Rocky Mountain has been around since 1972.

They make some of the most recognizable mountain bike parts, including the fork, brakes and chainrings.

The shop has also produced some of Colorado’s best custom mountain bikes, including Thunderbird.

Mike and his wife, Kelly, have owned the Croughns Custom Bikers shop since 2006, and have been selling custom mountain bike components for a long time.

They were able to afford to buy parts and build a mountain bicycle.

When they started out, the shop was a very small shop.

They used to stock only three or four bikes, but over the years they have expanded to a large shop.

The idea behind their shop is that they want to offer a wide range of bikes and parts, and to make sure that people can build a custom bike that fits their budget and wants to take on the challenge of building a mountain biking bicycle.

So they make a lot of the parts that they sell here at the shop.

Mike’s dad, Jim, was an apprentice in the bike shop.

He was able to go to college, and after that he was able work for his dad’s shop.

It made sense for them to do this, because the shop is also a family business, and Mike and Jim are their own families.

The couple started the shop with a few pieces from their collection.

They purchased a couple of bikes from the local bike shop, and then they started building the Thunderbolt.

The original Thunderbolt was a full suspension mountain bike, but Mike and the Coughns realized that they could use a custom fork to get a bike on a budget.

They bought a pair of forks from a shop in California called Specialized, which was doing a lot at the time.

The fork, which came from Specialized for around $500, cost a couple thousand dollars.

That bike had a chain ring and brakes, but the chain ring was a single piece and they didn’t have a big chain ring to start with.

So that’s what they made from.

Then they bought a chainring, and when they bought that, they had a big rear brake.

They also had a seatpost that came from a company called Specialty.

They put a seat post on the bike so that when you were riding the bike you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

So when you get a chain you have the seatpost on top, and the chain stays on top.

They built the frame from a steel frame, but it was very stiff.

The frame has some of that same suspension work, so they went with a very stiff frame.

They didn’t want to be saddled with a single-ring seatpost.

So the frame was made from a combination of steel, carbon, and aluminum, and it was made for a mountain biker who wanted a frame that was heavy and stiff and very durable.

The front hub was a 10-speed with a 25-tooth hub.

The rear hub was 10-speeds, which means it was going to be a full-range, full chainring bike.

When the bike was built, it weighed over 2,000 pounds, which at that point was about the same weight as a full mountain bike frame.

So it was really a lot heavier than a mountain mountain bike that was being built for $500.

The chainring that was going on the Thunderbolts rear wheel was from Specialty, so when the chainrings were finished, they took them apart and built a new

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