How to watch the Derby between Leeds and Bolton: The game that started it all

The Derby between Liverpool and Leeds United started on the night of April 9, 2015.

The Leeds players sat on the sidelines of the ground to watch Liverpool play a friendly at the North Yorkshire University.

As the match began, the Leeds players began singing “The Red and the Black”.

A group of Liverpool fans gathered to cheer on the Leeds fans.

The Reds, however, were not finished.

At a corner of the stadium, they were greeted by a massive, red banner proclaiming “This is the Red and The Black”.

The Red and Black were an homage to the Red Bull team from the 1980s, who played at the ground.

The stadium was filled with Leeds supporters chanting “The Reds are back”.

A small crowd of Liverpool supporters was seen on the other side of the pitch.

The red and black, in its own way, was a symbol of the rivalry between the clubs.

The fans began singing the anthem of the match, and the red and the black became an anthem for the Red Bulls, a team in the Premier League who are owned by New York Yankees.

The club was given a name by the Liverpool fans and their supporters were called the Red Army.

The atmosphere was electrifying.

The supporters were chanting “We’re back!” and the Red Wings were chanting the name of their club, “Leeds United”.

A massive banner was raised by the crowd in the stadium in front of the famous Red Bull logo.

The Red Army and the Leeds supporters were on the same side of their rivalry.

The team had been playing at the same venue for three seasons, but this was the first time they had met face to face.

They were joined by a small group of Leeds fans who had come from the North West of England.

The crowd in front had formed a ring around the Leeds flag.

A few minutes before the match started, a few supporters began singing a song, “The Blue and the Green”, which featured a quote from the song “The Road to Leeds”.

They then sang the song again in unison with the Liverpool anthem.

Leeds had a large contingent of supporters, who had gathered outside the ground in order to watch their team.

At first, they seemed confused by the presence of a large group of supporters.

The Liverpool fans sang the anthem again.

The entire atmosphere of the game became electrifying, and it was obvious that this was going to be an exciting match.

Leeds were awarded a 3-0 victory, which was enough to put the team on the up and up.

At the end of the first half, Leeds had 14 shots on target, while Liverpool had only two.

However, when Leeds came back into the game, they had 20 shots on goal.

Leeds goalkeeper Nicky Butt made some crucial saves.

In the second half, Liverpool had 15 shots on the scoreboard, while Leeds had six.

Leeds’ goalkeeper Nick Carroll was the hero of the contest.

He made several crucial saves during the game.

When Leeds had the ball, he played it perfectly.

He saved the penalty well, which is something that he rarely makes.

After the match was over, the two teams went back to their respective dressing rooms.

Liverpool fans were delighted with their performance.

The group from Leeds had not even arrived in Leeds yet, but the atmosphere was incredible.

“This was one of the biggest matches of the season,” said Leeds United fan, Nicky Carroll.

“I am sure that the Red Armies fans from Liverpool will be back to Leeds, to celebrate this amazing achievement.”

The next day, the supporters of the Liverpool supporters came back and organised a rally in front the stadium to celebrate their victory.

The rally, in turn, attracted thousands of Liverpool and Red Army fans.

“The atmosphere was absolutely incredible,” said the Liverpool supporter, Nick Carroll.

The celebrations were not just for the supporters.

Many Leeds fans also took to social media to express their happiness at the result.

“It was such a huge win for the Leeds and Red Armys,” said one Liverpool fan.

“As fans of both clubs, we have been wanting to see a derby match for a long time.

We’re proud to have the chance to see it in person.”

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