How the Canadian government helped cover up a deadly gas leak in Belleayere

It’s been a while since the first leak from Belleays National Park in southern Quebec was found, but now, thanks to the help of a federal government agency, there are no more leaks.

The leak was found at the end of August, but the media coverage has been heavy.

The belleays national park, in southern Québec, is home to a small, remote community of more than 1,000 people.

In 2014, a massive leak occurred in the region.

Since then, officials have been working to prevent another leak from occurring.

“We’ve been very diligent about making sure the spill containment measures are working, that we’re not letting the public off the hook,” said Rob Ford, the mayor of the small municipality of Belleayn, about an hour west of Montreal.

Ford, a member of the Liberal Party, says the park is a key piece of Quebec’s identity.

He says the local media has been focusing on the park as if it were the biggest thing in the world, despite the fact that there are several other spills that have occurred.

While there have been no leaks in Beléyère since August, the park’s officials have continued to try to contain the problem.

The site has been closed to the public, and a massive cleanup is underway.

The first leak was discovered at a site in the park that was being used for construction in February.

But the site was never tested.

In an effort to prevent future leaks, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEA) took over the site and started an environmental impact study, which was completed in May.

The agency says it has spent more than $1 million to test and treat the spill, and it has found no significant risk to the surrounding environment.

CEA spokeswoman Amy Sorensen said in an email that the agency’s initial assessment of the site showed it was safe to reopen.

“CEA is working closely with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to assess the risks and determine appropriate mitigation measures, including the use of the most environmentally responsible techniques,” she said.

Officials are hopeful that the new information will help them prevent another spill from occurring in the future.

After the leak was first reported, the provincial government was forced to declare a state of emergency.

But the province said it would not be extending the emergency for another 24 hours, so the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association decided to step in to pay for a temporary shutdown of the area for two weeks.

A second round of testing was also held in May, and the CEA said it found no risk to nearby fish and wildlife.

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