How to survive the Carpathian Mountains in the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory’s Carpathians have been named one of the top ten “dangerous” places in the world.

In the list published today, published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Carphians are named after the region’s ancient mountains, which are a key component of the Aboriginal cultural heritage.

The region was named the country’s “Dangerous Place of Origin” in 2014 after a report found it was home to the highest concentration of people living in the remote communities.

The Carpathies are also known as the Carpians, which is a name derived from their mountainous terrain.

The area was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

“These are places that we have to live with,” said Senator John Faulkner.

“The Carphies are the worst place in the country for people who live in remote communities because of the harsh conditions, and the very high rate of suicide in that area.”

Mr Faulkne said the region was one of Australia’s top five most dangerous places to live, and was one reason why the region had received the highest number of calls to suicide attempts in recent years.

“We are at the top of a list of the most dangerous cities in Australia,” he said.

“This is a very hard place to live.”

Senator Faulkning said it was important for people to get support when seeking help for mental health issues, including seeking counselling.

“I think the government should do more to help people who are at risk of suicidal thoughts, so they can get the help they need,” he added.

“If people are living in a dangerous area, it’s because of things like the high rates of domestic violence, which has a very negative impact on people.”

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