Mountain laurel has its first ever live interview with a famous actor

Mountain laurels first ever interview with an actor is a rare sight.

Mountain Dog actor James Deen is about to find out for himself, with his first ever in-person interview with the legendary actor in a video posted to his official Instagram account.

The video, which has since been shared thousands of times, is a behind-the-scenes look at Deen’s time on Broadway, and the journey he’s been on since the show’s cancellation in 2016.

Deen recently announced he is moving forward with his acting career, but in the video, he gives an insight into the challenges he’s had on his road to the big time.

He talks about his decision to retire from acting, how he met and fell in love with actor Sean Penn, and how he overcame addiction and depression in order to forge a path to recovery.

Watch below.

Mountain dog actor James deen is set to interview with actor James DEEN in the upcoming Mountain Dog series. 

“I was a kid in a movie theater.

I was 12 years old.

I didn’t know what was going on.

And I didn, like, know what a director was, I guess.

So I thought, well, I’ll try to keep myself out of it.

I thought I was going to die and just sort of do whatever I wanted,” Deen says in the interview.

“And then I think I made a decision that I wanted to try and make something of myself.

So that was a pretty easy decision for me.”

Deen said he had to make a decision to quit acting because he felt “disillusioned” and “disrespected.”

Dees career began with the show he starred in, Mountain Dog, and he was cast as the voice of the main character, Jack.

He continued his success in Broadway shows including the Tony-nominated play The Adventures of Huck Finn and the upcoming musical adaptation of The Jungle Book.

He has also appeared in films including The Wolf of Wall Street, The Wolf, The Girl Next Door, The Devil’s Advocate, and How to Train Your Dragon.

Dees comeback has been a long and difficult one, as he struggled with alcoholism and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2016 before the show was canceled in 2017.

He had been sober for the better part of a decade before the video was released, and even after he announced his move to Hollywood in 2018, Deen struggled with his new life as a Hollywood star.

“When I went back to New York, I was sober for seven years.

But that was only for acting, and I didn´t have any money.

I had to work hard,” Dees father, James, said in a statement.

“That´s what makes it so hard to talk about it, but he was doing that on the set of Mountain Dog.

He was doing a lot of acting, doing a bunch of other things.

But he just went back and he had a very hard time adjusting back.

He really struggled, he had problems with relationships, he couldn´t make friends, he was struggling.”

Deens father also spoke about the challenges Deen faced in his recovery, saying, “James had such a big ego.

He felt he was better than everyone else.

And he was like, well I can do this, I can get better.

But then you realize, well he´s never going to be better than I am.

He´s going to continue to have these issues.

So there are so many things he had that he couldn’t fix.

But the most important thing for him is that he did his best to do what he needed to do to get better.”

Mountain Dog star Sean Penn is a close friend of Deen and the two have shared many shared laughs and heartfelt moments during their careers.

Deens mother also made a cameo appearance in the new series.

The actor played a friend to Deen who was dealing with the aftermath of his son’s death, and Deen also has a close relationship with Penn, who has a son named Joshua.

Watch the video below.

Deans mother, Margo Deen, also shared her thoughts about the show, saying: “When James and I were together on Broadway in Mountain Dog he had just lost his son.

And his mother had just died.

And that is a really sad thing.

So to come on the show to share that was really touching.

And also, to be in the show with my son is very special.”

Mountain dog star Sean ‘Sneaky’ Penn plays the role of the guy who loves to play with his toys and have fun.

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