Why you should ditch the $6,000,000 Porsche 924 Spyder

When you think about the Porsche 928 Spyder, you probably think of a sports car with a ton of bodywork.

The 928 is the Porsche’s most successful iteration, and has been a staple of Porsche history for decades.

But with the 924, Porsche made a bold bet on a small, high-performance sports car.

The design is sleek, sporty, and sportsy, all at the same time.

But the 928 also sports a rather unusual interior design, and some of the biggest design compromises of the model.

What if Porsche could have done something even more ambitious with its 924?

In the words of one of the designers behind the design, “A 924 is a car of perfection, a car that is the embodiment of luxury and performance.”

The 924 features an 8-speed dual clutch transmission and a supercharger that pushes power to the rear wheels, and all of this is accomplished with a lightweight aluminum body that’s about the size of a typical Porsche.

It’s also one of only two 911s to be completely built entirely in-house.

This is the kind of car you might imagine an automaker looking to make the next great sports car, and the 929 and 930 are two of the few examples of that.

Both cars are capable of producing around 600 horsepower, and are built on the same chassis.

The differences between the two are pretty staggering, but they all stem from a few design decisions.

The Porsche 929 is built on a very different chassis from the 930, which was designed around the more traditional chassis of the 911.

The reason for this is that the 933, 937, and 939 were built on chassis with fewer rear axles than the 936.

The only thing that was a bit different was the 934, which only used two-wheel drive.

The 6.2-liter flat-six in the 940 is a pretty typical setup, but the 935 and 937 are the only two 930s to have a six-cylinder flat-four.

The flat-6 in the Porsche was never a bad setup for a car with that much power, and it makes sense that Porsche wanted to go with a more conventional layout for the 939.

The biggest difference between the 945 and 945T is that both cars feature aluminum body panels, but for a few reasons, the 946 is the one with the lower-slung rear end.

The front suspension is also a little lower, which might make some people uncomfortable, and there’s a slight slant to the car’s rear end that could make it feel more awkward to drive in tight spaces.

But while the 944’s rear axle is much lower than the one in the rest of the 9 series, the rear end is higher and the car can go higher on corner entry.

The lack of a front differential and a stiffer rear axle could make the 943 look more powerful than it is.

And the fact that it has a more compact body means that it’s much lighter.

The most impressive thing about the 937 is that it looks like it has all the right hardware.

The entire car is designed with the same proportions as the 911, and you get the same supercharged engines and supercharged chassis.

You don’t have to sacrifice aerodynamics to achieve this, either.

The engine is a flat-plane six-speed with a six, and with the added boost of a supercharged engine, it produces a whopping 700 hp.

The performance numbers for the Porsche are impressive, too.

In fact, the Porsche has been capable of more than 800 horsepower since the 926, which is more than the previous two Porsche 937s.

The 911 is not the only car that Porsche is aiming to sell with a new architecture.

The company is also planning to introduce the 951, a sportier car with all the features of the standard 940 but without the supercharged superchargers.

The new 951 is scheduled to debut at the Paris Motor Show in April, and we should expect it to arrive at dealerships by mid-June.

That’s a huge jump from the current 936, which launched in September.

What’s more, the new 940 will be the first Porsche to feature a more luxurious interior, complete with leather seating and a carbon-fiber top, as well as a rear-facing rearview camera.

We’re still waiting for the details of the car itself, but it will likely be a very similar design to the 959.

It may be the same basic layout and powertrain, but there will be a few key differences.

The car will be called the Porsche 911 S, and its exterior design will be inspired by the 911 959, which debuted in 2009.

The interior will also be a little more aggressive, with more interior spaces.

The key design differences between this new Porsche and the original 940 are

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