Why it matters that spring is here

It’s almost time for the next peak season in the world of mountaineering, with the arrival of spring.

But there’s a catch: The peak season is already here.

And it could be the last one for many years to come.

“The first thing we do in spring is to get rid of all our gear,” says Eric Dufault, an outdoor educator who has spent much of his career working in the Himalayas.

“That’s the first thing that we do.”

Read MoreAbout Dufaults: In Nepal, many of the country’s mountain climbers do this, he says, in an effort to keep their equipment clean and fit.

Others have no choice but to use hand crampons and snowshoes.

“But this is the last thing we can do,” Dufaux says.

The Himalayan peaks of the plateau that surround Nepal are the source of many of Everest’s spectacular feats, including the famous “Tango of Death” in 1953, which was the first peak climb by an American.

The region’s peak has been in the news since the summer, after two climbers, Sherpa Sherpa Pema Lhotse and Nepalese mountaineer Sherpa Ananta Singh, died on Everest.

At a time when climbing in Nepal is getting more popular, there’s also been a steady increase in mountaineers’ death rates.

Last month, a 26-year-old Nepaleses climber died on Mount Everest, according to a report from the International Association of Mountaineers.

The death is the first in the past decade and a half.

A year ago, a 25-year, 6,500-foot peak named Everest was hit by an avalanche, prompting the government to issue a blanket evacuation for all climbers.

The avalanche triggered the first avalanche that killed a Nepalesese climber in years.

Since then, climbing fatalities have fallen by a third.

In the past, Nepal’s mountains were viewed as safe havens, with a lack of violence and a lack a lack in corruption.

But in recent years, climbing in the mountains has become a high-risk occupation.

“A lot of climbers have become very paranoid,” says Roberta R. Dolan, a mountaineurologist at Cornell University.

“They are very much concerned about the safety of their equipment, the safety and the safety on the mountain, and there is a very real risk that they might not have the right equipment, they might get killed.”

The Nepalesean government has put strict regulations on the safety gear that can be worn by climbers, and climbers must have medical clearance before climbing.

The regulations are also a major concern for the thousands of Nepalesian people who work in the country.

“The Nepal government has made a concerted effort to ensure that mountaineurs are not involved in activities that could cause accidents and deaths,” Dolan says.

The Nepalesesi government has also instituted a strict training program that focuses on climbing and the dangers of the Himalayan terrain.

But many climbers say that the government has not done enough to ensure safety.

“There is a lack and a shortage of quality mountaineuring,” says Pramod Mahapatra, an instructor at Everest Base Camp in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

“There is also a lack with respect to the regulations and the way they are enforced.

The safety of climbers and the protection of climbers has been a major problem.”

Mahapatra has climbed Everest several times, and says the government is trying to address this problem.

But he says there is still a lot of work to be done.

Mahalaxmi, who also trains Nepalesians, says that while Nepal’s government has tightened up its regulations, there are still some issues that need to be addressed.

Read moreAbout Mahalaxmis: “There are some people who are more cautious about getting involved in the climbing scene,” Mahalaymi says.

“We know the mountain can be very dangerous.

But when you are doing something that’s risky, you have to be more careful.”

Mahalavimma says that it’s up to climbers to make sure that their gear is safe.

“A lot more people are coming into the mountains to climb, and they don’t want to put themselves at risk,” she says.

“Some people don’t understand that climbing is a dangerous activity, and we don’t have the same level of safety as other activities,” Mahapras says.

But the Nepalesi government is working to address the safety concerns.

While Nepal is home to some of the world’s highest peaks, there is also plenty of safety in its mountain regions.

In the U.S., mountaineered deaths are at their lowest in nearly 50 years, according the U-Haul Association.

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