Why do we love the Rocky Mountains?

The famous rolling hills of Appalachia have been the focus of many a British-style rock star, from The Beatles to Bob Marley.

Now the region is back in the news as a popular tourist destination.

A survey by the US Geological Survey (USGS) found that the mountains have seen a remarkable rise in the number of visitors.

The survey found that by the end of 2018, the area had attracted 4.6 million visitors from 19 countries.

The Rocky Mountain Oyster Company in western Virginia says it has more than 1,400 oysters on its 10-acre farm.

The company’s founder, Peter Briscoe, said it was a matter of time before the oysters in the area became part of the national park system.

He said: ‘It’s a matter that we’re working on.

‘Hopefully we can get the opportunity to have that first oyster farm in the country, where it will be able to produce a lot of these oysters.’

Rocky Mountain Oysters were established in 1972 and sell more than 3,500 pounds a day, with more than half of that coming from Virginia.

The oysters were first harvested in the UK in 1874.

British rock star David Bowie became a major attraction at the park’s popular Blackbird Rock in 2012.

He spent three weeks touring the area in a rented Rolls Royce.

He described the area as ‘a dream come true’.

The Oyster Farm in Rockhampton.

Photo: Getty ImagesA spokesman for the British Oyster Federation said: It’s exciting news that our oysters are being brought back into our national park.

‘Rockhampton has been a rock haven for oysters since the 1950s, when it was the heart of the Oyster Oyster industry, which had its origins in the region.’

Today we are excited to welcome these oyster farmers back to Rockhamptons National Park to expand their oyster farms, and provide our community with more local food, more jobs and more opportunities to visit.

”These Oyster Farmers will provide us with fresh, local, and sustainable seafood, including shellfish grown locally, as well as seasonal produce, from their oysters.

“This is the first time we have heard about these oySTER farms coming back to our National Park.

‘It is fantastic news that these farms are back in our national parks, and that we can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience with our favourite wildlife.’

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