Mountain drawing: A look at the history of the drawing on the National Mall

By The Associated Press The National Mall’s “drawing of the Nation’s Capital” has come under fire from the White House as President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, who was on a visit to the Capitol on Thursday, called on the federal government to preserve the artwork.

“We don’t have the money, the space to have a national monument on the Mall,” Trump said during his visit to Capitol Hill.

“It’s a shame, but I’m going to do everything in my power to preserve that monument and keep it in the public domain.”

Trump and his wife, who are visiting the Capitol for the first time since taking office, said the monument would help them with their “many duties” and said the White Park Commission had been “working diligently” to preserve it.

The commission, created by Congress, is tasked with deciding whether the national monument should be preserved and, if so, whether to designate it as a national historic site.

The White House had called for the monument to be designated as a monument to “the great statesmen who made the United States what it is today,” but that decision has not yet been made.

The monument was designed by artist Thomas W. Fosdick in 1879 and dedicated in 1922.

It was designed as a memorial to the nation’s founding fathers, who died in Washington, D.C. Fisdick died in 1954.

Trump said the National Park Service is “committed to working to protect the National Monuments Act,” which establishes the authority for presidents to designate national monuments, as well as other federal agencies.

The National Park System is an umbrella agency under the Department of Interior that oversees the nation and oversees the parks and other federal lands in the U.S. National Park Foundation oversees the park system.

It does not make any policy decisions about national monuments.

The president’s remarks came after the National Museum of American History on Thursday unveiled a new exhibition titled “National Monuments and the Founding Fathers: From Washingtons Point to the Smithsonian.”

The museum, which opened in 2014, will present a collection of more than 300 artifacts from the museum’s collection, including artifacts from Washington’s Point, the home of Thomas Jefferson.

The collection will be displayed in a new exhibit titled “From Washingons Point to Smithsonian.”

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