Former police chief accused of murder over death of ex-spouse

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – A former police chief in Charlotte was accused of killing a former girlfriend and then covering it up, according to a new criminal complaint.

In the complaint, police said the former Charlotte Police Department detective, William G. “Billy” McManus, has been charged with capital murder.

He was the former chief of the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

Police said McManuses girlfriend, Angela C. Loesch, died of a gunshot wound in June 2011.

McManues sister, Michelle Loesh, told the court that she went to the hospital to see her brother after he had a seizure, and that he was not breathing.

McMeans sister told the jury that she did not want to be a witness, and the prosecutor said he wanted the jury to think he was going to be charged with murder.

She said he told her he would tell her if he got the chance.

She also told the judge that she was told to lie to police about the shooting.

She is also accused of giving false information to investigators.

She testified that McManUS had threatened to kill her, that she had a history of domestic violence and that she tried to kill herself several times.

McBeanus family attorney William H. Smith Jr. said the allegations were shocking and disgusting.

Smith said that McMeanuses sister told police that she never saw McManuss in person before the shooting, but that the sister believed the former officer was in the home with McMeas mother.

The prosecutor said that when police showed the sister photos of McManussens girlfriend and his wife, it caused a panic.

McBansons wife told police the same thing, she was scared and wanted to go to the police, but McManutes mother was not at home, so McManans mother left and called 911.

When the officer arrived at the home, McManums wife and daughter were gone, and no one else was there.

Smith called the family’s testimony “deeply disturbing.”

McManumes sister said that her brother had told her to lie, and he also threatened her.

He also told her that he would lie about the incident and tell the truth.

He told her they had an argument, and when she came home he told them he shot her.

The detective is charged with two counts of capital murder, and police say he also killed his ex-girlfriend.

Charlotte Police Chief William G McManum has been arrested on charges of capital homicide in connection with the death of his ex girlfriend, and his brother is charged in connection to the murder.

McManum was fired from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in November 2013 after a six-year investigation by the North Charlotte Police Internal Affairs Division.

He has been placed on paid administrative leave.

McMans wife, who also lives in North Carolina, also told investigators that she heard the police say McManu was in trouble, but she never heard from him.

Police have said that after the shooting they were looking for McManUs girlfriend, who had not been seen since her arrest.

Mc Manum has not been charged in the case.

Smith also said that police have not provided any updates to the family about the investigation.

He said the family is not going to let the police and prosecutors continue to bury this case.

Smith also told jurors that McManeus was the only police officer involved in the death.

Police said McMeand’s girlfriend was the last person seen alive in the house.

The family of McMeands sister also told a jury that they are not looking for anybody else in connection, but they do believe there is more than one person involved in this case, according.

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