Why the Rocky Mountain Bike Ride in Vermont will be a ‘great way to go’

Vermont has long been a hub for bicycle racing, with the likes of Chris Sharma and Tim Brown setting the tone for what the sport has come to be known for.

However, the sport’s popularity in Vermont has declined in recent years, with less than a quarter of people taking up the sport, according to the state’s Department of Transportation.

That’s partly because of the cost of cycling equipment and infrastructure, but also because of a decline in cycling tourism.

With that in mind, the state has partnered with Diamondback Mountain Resort and the Rocky Mountain Bike Resort to bring the sport to its first full season since 2008, with a focus on the scenic Rocky Mountains.

“It’s about time that we had a bike race in Vermont,” said Chris Hagg, the chair of the Vermont Bicycle Federation.

“It’s been a very good way to get people out there, and the fact that we’ve got the best trails and the best cycling infrastructure is a plus.

I don’t think there’s been much interest in this sport in the past, so we thought this was the perfect time.”

The ride starts at the Rockies Mountain Resort in Stowe, which is the first and only bike race on the popular Vermont mountain bike circuit, and will take place from Monday, October 6 to Saturday, October 11.

A bike rental service is also available.

The event is free, with proceeds going to the Vermont Department of Agriculture.

In addition, participants will receive a certificate of entry and will be able to pick up their own bike and a free sticker.

For more information about the race and other events in Vermont, visit: Vermont Bicycle Federation website Diamondback Mountain Bike Race 2016 Location Stowe, VT 06010 Event Time Saturday October 6, 2016 Cost $10 Admission $6 Registration General $20 General Admission $12 Registration and registration $15 Registration at Rockies $18 Registration for riders of other bikes $30 Registration by mail $50 Registration on site $60 Registration in person $70 For more details visit: Vermons Bicycle Federation

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