Which mountain is most likely to make a return?

The mountains at the top of Mount Everest are more likely to be in trouble than any other, according to a new study that found the world’s highest peak was more likely than any of the other eight peaks to be hit by avalanches and avalanches in the past century.

The researchers say the peak, known as Everest, could be hit again before the century is out.

They say it is unlikely to be a good idea to climb Mount Everest any time soon.

They suggest people are better off heading to the Indian Ocean. 

Read more: “We would suggest that, at this point in time, it is likely that the world is experiencing a severe climate event,” lead author Prof John Beddington of the University of New South Wales said.

Read More: Mount Everest could be struck again before century is over: New research The researchers looked at a wide range of records to establish which peaks were most likely, and which were not, to be impacted by avalanche.

They looked at weather records and weather radar imagery to determine which areas had seen a peak in the last 100 years or more.

“When you see a mountain like Mount Everest, you know that it is very likely to come under some type of significant impact,” Professor Beddington said.

“In this study we looked at data that had been collected over the last 10 years and we found that the mountains that were most frequently hit were the highest in terms of snowfall and snow cover, the lowest in terms

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