How to find the perfect garden in your backyard

GANDER MOUNTAIN HOUSE GARDENING GUIDE If you’ve been looking for a place to start growing herbs in your garden, you’re in luck.

We’ve gathered the best locations to plant your garden herbs in the most compact ways possible.

GANDERS MOUNTY HOUSE: Garden House in Greenville, North Carolina, is the perfect spot for herbs and flowers.

It’s located just north of Greenville and offers ample space for your herbs to grow.

The garden is divided into five large rooms with two large gardens.

It features over 30,000 square feet of green space and an open space garden area.

The house has an extensive indoor and outdoor pool, a heated outdoor pool and a private terrace.

GABRIELLE LUCIA: Gabriela is a popular place to grow herbs in South Carolina.

The farm is just a short drive from the South Carolina border, and it is located just off Highway 95.

Gabriella offers over 100,000 sq. ft. of space and a large indoor and outbuilding garden area complete with a covered outdoor swimming pool and pool table.

The Gabriels are also home to several large, indoor gardens with a total of 10,000+ sq.ft. of growing space.

A full service greenhouse, as well as an indoor and outdoors terrace, are located on the property.

This is a great spot for your first greenhouse because you can enjoy a relaxing, hot tub or a fire pit.

THE LANDING HOUSE: This house has over 40,000 sf of garden space and is just across the street from the Greenville Farmers Market.

This house offers an extensive and compact backyard garden with plenty of space for herbs.

The two gardens are located in the living room with a large outdoor terrace and an indoor patio.

This home also has an indoor water feature, hot water, and a fire area.

There are two swimming pools in the yard, aswell as an outdoor pool table and a heated patio.

The residence also has a spacious patio, two indoor patios, a full service hot tub, and plenty of outdoor space for growing your own herbs.

GALENA HOUSE: The Galena House is a beautiful place to plant and grow herbs.

It is located a few minutes from the city of Greensboro, North Carolinians center, and just minutes from both the Green River, Greensboro River and Greenville River.

This two bedroom, three bath home is well-suited to growing your garden.

The home is divided between a large two-story building and an outdoor garden with a full-service greenhouse.

There is also a spacious outdoor pool area and a separate patio.

A large patio also features an outdoor heated pool and hot tub.

This unique home is the ideal location for a variety of herbs and plants.

A complete home is located on property that also includes a full indoor and exterior garden.

THE GALENE HOUSE is the home of the Gander Mountain House and is a must visit for any gardener looking for the perfect place to create and cultivate their own herbs and vegetables.

The Gander Mountains are a beautiful and picturesque landscape that offers an abundance of natural beauty.

This stunning property offers over 40 acres of green and wooded land.

This location is ideal for planting, growing and maintaining your own greens, as it is right in the heart of Greensville, NC.

The property includes a beautiful outdoor pool that is ideal as a place for your plants to enjoy a hot tub and a hot bath.

This beautiful home also features a beautiful landscaped garden that is perfect for herbs as well.

The family has an entire yard and a spacious backyard that is also ideal for your gardens and herbs.

There’s also a large covered outdoor terraces with a terrace for indoor and outside gardening.

This property also offers a full kitchen and laundry area.

This perfect place for herbs to take a break from their growing.

There will be plenty of free parking available for your herb and vegetable growing needs.

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